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Dr. Elizabeth Jewkes


NAME: Dr. Elizabeth Jewkes

  • 1980     Bachelor's     St. Francis Xavier University
  • 1982     Master's     University of Calgary
  • 1988     Doctorate     University of Waterloo

Research Interest
  • Stochastic models of manufacturing and service systems; performance analysis of queueing systems; health care

Representative Publications
  • Jayaswal, S and Jewkes, EM, Price and lead time differentiation, capacity strategy and market competition, International Journal of Production Research, 54(9), 2016, 2791 - 2806
  • Wheatley, David and Gzara, Fatma and Jewkes, Elizabeth, Logic-based Benders decomposition for an inventory-location problem with service constraints, Omega, 55, 2015, 10 - 23
  • Zschocke, Mark S and Mantin, Benny and Jewkes, Elizabeth M, The effect of competition on R&D portfolio investments, Production and Operations Management, 23(8), 2014, 1439 - 1449
  • Zschocke, Mark Steven and Mantin, Benny and Jewkes, Elizabeth, Competitive market selection with timing and capacity decisions, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 60(1), 2013, 88 - 98
  • Mustafee, Navonil and Katsaliaki, Korina and Gunasekaran, Angappa and Williams, Michael D and La, Jennifer and Jewkes, Elizabeth M, Defining an optimal ED fast track strategy using simulation, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 26(1/2), 2013, 109 - 118