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Dr. Mark Hancock


NAME: Dr. Mark Hancock

  • 2002     Bachelor of Science (BSc)     Simon Fraser University
  • 2004     Master of Science     University of British Columbia
  • 2010     Doctorate     University of Calgary

Representative Publications
  • Nacenta, Miguel A and Hancock, Mark and Gutwin, Carl and Carpendale, Sheelagh, The Effects of Changing Projection Geometry on Perception of 3D Objects on and Around Tabletops, ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI), 23(2), 2016
  • Hancock, Mark and Collins, Christopher and Cook, Zachary and Sikes, Kalev Kalda and Paluka, Erik, The Simple Multi-touch Toolkit, , 2015
  • Cook, Zachary and Paluka, Erik and Collins, Christopher and Hancock, Mark, The Simple Multi-Touch Toolkit, University of Ontario Institute of Technology Student Research Showcase. http://vialab. science. uoit. ca/wordpress/wp-content/papercite-data/pdf/coo2013a. pdf, 2013
  • Chang, Y-LB and Hancock, M and Scott, SD and Pape, J and Graham, TCN, Improving the Social Gaming Experience by Comparing Physical and Digital Tabletop Board Games, , 2012