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Dr. Stan Dimitrov


NAME: Dr. Stan Dimitrov

  • 2004     Other     University of Michigan
  • 2006     Master of Engineering     University of Michigan
  • 2010     Doctorate     University of Michigan

Research Interest
  • Mechanism design; prediction markets; game theory; nonliniear optimization; network design; telecommunications

Representative Publications
  • Carvalho, Arthur and Dimitrov, Stanko and Larson, Kate, How many crowdsourced workers should a requester hire?, Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, 2016, 1 - 28
  • Carvalho, Arthur and Dimitrov, Stanko and Larson, Kate, Inducing Honest Reporting of Private Information in the Presence of Social Projection., , 2016
  • Brown, Andrew and Dimitrov, Stanko and Barlatt, Ada Y, Routing distributions and their impact on dispatch rules, Computers & Industrial Engineering, 88, 2015, 293 - 306
  • Cozzarin, Brian Paul and Dimitrov, Stanko, Mobile E-Commerce and Consumer Crime Consiousness, Available at SSRN 2600659, 2015
  • Chen, Jenyi and Dimitrov, Stanko, National and store brand advertising strategies, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 66(8), 2015, 1237 - 1249