SIGIR 2013 Workshop on Modeling User Behavior for Information Retrieval Evaluation (MUBE 2013)

There is growing interest in ways to incorporate models of human behavior into Cranfield-style evaluation of information retrieval systems. While there are many approaches to this problem, two prominent approaches have been either to start from a user interface and then simulate user interaction with this interface, or to take traditionally styled evaluation measures and make them more realistic in terms of known human behavior.

The SIGIR 2013 Workshop on Modeling User Behavior for Information Retrieval Evaluation (MUBE 2013) aims to bring together people to discuss existing and new approaches, ways to collaborate, and other ideas and issues involved in improving information retrieval evaluation through the modeling of user behavior.

Areas of interest for the workshop include but are not limited to:

Workshop Program

The workshop consists of three main parts: invited speakers, short paper presentations, and breakout groups and their presentations.

We are pleased to announce that our invited speakers at the workshop will be Ben Carterette and Leif Azzopardi:

We solicited 2 page poster papers to encourage sharing of ideas and discussion. We accepted 10 papers for short presentation (ordered here by last name of first author):

Workshop proceedings (PDF).

Workshop Schedule (Updated on July 26)

Detailed schedule in PDF.

09:00-09:15 Welcome and Introduction
09:15-10:00 Invited Speaker: Ben Carterette
10:00-10:30 3 Short Paper Presentations
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 Invited Speaker: Leif Azzopardi
11:45-12:15 3 Short Paper Presentations
12:15-12:30 Brainstorming Breakout Topics
12:30-14:00 Lunch (provided)
14:00-14:40 4 Short Paper Presentations
14:40-15:00 Finalize Breakout Topics and Assign Champions and Scribes
15:00-16:30 Breakout Sessions (Coffee from 15:30-16:00)
16:30-17:30 Breakout Presentations and Discussion

Important Dates

We extended the submission deadline by a week and adjusted the other deadlines, too.

Program Committee


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