Mark D. Smucker
Curriculum Vitae
This page is a simple collection of notes and observations. It is here as much for me to not forget as it is to share with others.

New ethernet driver in linux Wed Oct 20 16:00:32 2010

Okay, so I have two computers that each have a Supermicro x8sil-f motherboard. This motherboard has Intel 82574L nics. There is a known issue with the e1000e driver in linux and these nics on the x8sil-f motherboards. I am using CentOS 5.5.

The fix appears to be to get the new driver. Now, the issue at hand is how to do this. Getting the latest driver package is not too hard.

You can follow the directions, but if you are like me, you'll run into a message about not having the kernel headers installed. Egads.

Solution appears to be:

  1. yum install kernel
  2. reboot your box
  3. yum install kernel-devel
  4. yum install kernel-headers

Then go and finish the build and install as per the directions. Just doing yum install kernel-devel or yum install kernel-headers will get you nowhere if the current kernel version is newer than your kernel.

Other nifty commands:

  1. ethtool -i ethX, where ethX is eth0, eth1, etc. To see what driver you are using. Mine finally says 1.2.17-NAPI.
  2. dmesg | fgrep e10
  3. fgrep ethX /var/log/messages, again, where ethX is replaced with your ethernet adaptor.
  4. ifconfig

Good Screenshots for Papers Sat Jun 12 18:25:50 2010
% use hypersnap dx to capture window, turn off capture of cursor
% save as png
% open in photoshop
% make any edits (removal of urls, etc.)
% resize to the size it needs to be in the paper, but don't change
% resolution (only change one dimension, i.e. the width) -- This
% way you'll get a high ppi final image that looks good (3.25 inches 
% is a good width for ACM 2 column papers)
% save as copy both pdf and eps
% for pdf, want high quality press settings
% for eps, want no preview, want ascii, want image interpolation,
% don't want anything else.
Split Screen Search 1:26PM, June 5, 2009
I just did a search on Google and noticed that with my window maximized that nearly 50% of the screen real estate was white space. This made me think back to
Paul Thomas and David Hawking's work with presenting two sets of retrieval results side by side. Well, with the new Microsoft search engine out, I wanted to see how it compared with the other search engines. I thought that there just had to be someone to offer some sort of split screen search. I searched and found PolyCola. Here is a search for "sigir 2009" on Bing and Google.

Modifying the ACM proceedings style file to get page numbers 1:43PM, June 5, 2009
This is how to add page numbers to the sig-alternate.cls style:
1. Uncomment the line "%\pagenumbering{arabic} % Arabic page numbers GM July 2000" in sig-alternate.cls.
2. Place "\setpagenumber{NNN}" after \begin{document} with NNN set to your desired page number.
In general, this is considered a big no-no and should never be done, but sometimes you need to do it for some extra special reason.